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Crocheted Cityscapes Workshop with Jo Hamilton

Course Overview

In this course I will teach a number of easy techniques I use to create colourful and expressive crocheted cityscapes in yarn.

You will learn practical and creative ways to use crocheted stitches and rows and the infinite colours of yarn to represent a scene of your choice. This could be anything from a ’portrait’ of your own home to famous buildings in the world or imaginary city skylines and bridges. You will focus on each completing one crocheted work during the course of the workshop. You should be proficient in basic crochet stitches, ie: single and double crochet in both rows and circles, increasing and decreasing. If you know how to crochet a granny square, you can crochet anything else!


• Crochet a two-dimensional wall-hanging that depicts your own artistic visual representation of a city, street scene or dwelling. 

• Learn to create perspective and depth using colour, tone, stitch directions and a variety of non-traditional crochet techniques

• Experiment hands-on with combining colours and textures to create interest, subtlety and detail in your work

• Explore a number of approaches to utilise a printed image as a basis for crochet art 

Teacher Profile

“Crocheting is an intimate process with long hours spent hand-tying and unravelling thousands of knots to create each work,” Hamilton explains. “The subjects are created from, and contained within, the handmade fabric.

In physics, space and time are fused into a single four-dimensional continuum, often visualised as a net. In crochet, the knots suggest units of time and simultaneously reveal the physical process.”

Hamilton’s grandmother taught her to crochet when she was a child. A portrait of her Gran hangs in the new exhibition. It links the work to the tradition of passing handcraft skills down through generations.

This common, familial and meaningful method of passing down handcrafts creates chains across time, linking us to generations of past and future women. Crochet is universally relatable, according to Hamilton.


“The fibres connect us as humans, both figuratively and literally,” she says. “We are wrapped in blankets when we are born, dressed our whole lives in woven, knitted and crocheted fabrics. We live and die clothed

Materials List

• Printed image or images of a building, a home or street of city scene that is meaningful to you to work from with 2 extra copies if possible (this could be a photograph, a printed out jpeg, a reproduction of a painting, a sketch or drawing, a magazine cutting, etc.)

• A good selection of yarns in the colors, tones and textures that you think you will need to create a crocheted version of your source image. I use all kinds of yarn; cotton, acrylic, wool, rayon, silk, in all thicknesses and textures. A greater variety can be inspiring to work with and add interest to the piece, or you can limit the types of yarn you wish to use.

• A selection of crochet hooks of various sizes. I typically use hooks in the 3.25mm-4mm range, but do bring larger and smaller sizes if you want to use chunky yarn or thinner crochet thread.

• Scissors

• Yarn needles if you like to sew in your ends (I don’t!).

• A pen or pencil and blank paper or a sketchbook for notes, sketches, etc.

Workshop Terms

While our fibre art workshops are usually held in the gallery's historically significant workshop space, the workshop venue may change according to the needs and wishes of the artist tutor. Likewise, the times of the workshops may vary depending on the type of workshop and its presentation.

Timeless Textiles Gallery will, at its own discretion, where a participant is unable to attend a fibre art workshop, an exchange or credit note will be made available or a refund of the  deposit or payment in accordance with the following Workshop Refund Policy.

Major commitments must be met, and in fairness to all, the policy concerning the refund is:
Cancellations 3 months prior to workshop date - refund 80% fees paid
Cancellations 2 months prior to workshop date- refund 50% fees paid.
Cancellations 1 month prior to workshop date- no refund.

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15 - 17 Oct 2022


9:30 am - 4:30 pm