Wearable art, Pam Hovel

Pam Hovel

Artist Statement

Pam Hovel is an innovative Textile Artist living in Mandurang South near Bendigo, Victoria. Her light filled, mudbrick studio on her family property is surrounded by bushland and wildlife and it is this beautiful, natural environment that both inspires Pam’s work and provides materials for her textiles.

Creating has been an integral part of Pam’s life, initially through necessity when she sewed clothes for herself and then for her children. Larger projects have also featured in Pam’s creative life. With her husband, she built their mudbrick home, many years before sustainability and recycled were buzz words. The home was built largely from reclaimed materials and is surrounded by a large garden, a passion prior to textiles.

A lifelong interest in textiles led Pam to discover the world of felting in 2004 and she has been passionate about felting ever since. Although Pam has attended numerous workshops with well-known felt artists, she is largely self-taught. Pam has won awards for her work in various textile exhibitions. Following her creative instincts, she began her search for sustainable art practices. After exploring different techniques and fibres, Pam developed a beautiful, soft felt fabric using super-fine Australian Merino wool.

In more recent times, Pam has focused on more feminine and highly artistic garments marrying wool and silk in the felt process. Consistent with being inspired by nature, only eco-friendly and sustainable dyeing practices are used in all her creations. All dyes are derived from plants and sometimes with the enhancement of found metals. No harmful chemical mordents are used. These truly organic garments are uniquely beautiful, each created with a relaxed Australian feel and a delight to the senses to wear. Pam will happily create your own unique piece by offering a “made to order” service.


Exhibitions & Workshops